Get a closer look of Digital PR and Online Reputation Management Agency Tick Tock Boom!

Tick Tock Boom: Turkey’s first Digital PR and Online Reputation Management agency, offering fully integrated digital solutions to multinational companies and local sectoral leaders. We are modern day communication professionals who combine PR and marketing communication experience with an elaborate approach. Our passion for digital media has led us to transforming latest technologies into great ideas. We offer customized, unique communication strategies rather than adopting a single solution for all. Our team of designers, event specialists, lawyers, software developers, statisticians and reporters implement long term and remarkable projects.

Preferred by over 350 brands

Several leading and pioneering brands of various sectors prefer our services when it comes to online reputation management, social media management, digital PR, web and social media monitoring, reporting, analyzing and researching. We are proud of this fact. Some of the brands preferring our services are active in these respective fields: automotive, energy, finance, fast moving goods, healthcare, clothing, shopping, technology, and telecommunication.

Diversified Instruments

We consider our existence in the digital world as a whole. Thus, we have developed BoomSonar Suite and BoomSocial which integrate a wide range of tools related to Social Media Management. For detailed information;

100 % Trust!

We work by embracing the principle of “Being 100 % Reliable”. We guarantee confidentiality in all our services because we are not anxious about listing references.