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Istanbul, Turkey

Sr. New Media Expert

If you are ready to take on the full responsibility of a brand’s digital communications, have at least 2 years’ experience in social media and are familiar with creating new ideas then join the team. You think you are the one? Please click to apply!

Istanbul, Turkey

New Media Director

New Media Director is responsible for supervising all day-to-day social media activities of the clients, while managing a team of New Media Experts and coordinating the other departments within the agency. Preparing, implementing and measuring the success of online communications strategies.

Istanbul, Turkey

Social Media Analyst

Do you follow trends on social media and the internet? Do you have confidence in your analytical abilities? If your answers were “yes”, we have just the job for you! Hit “apply” and meet the job opportunity that’s right up your alley.

Istanbul, Turkey

Management Assistant

If you have excellent communication skills, can use your time efficiently and find quick solutions to problems, we think we should meet. Click “apply” and be part of a winning team!



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