BoomSocial is a free social media measurement and analysis tool designed to help brands create online content strategies and gain insights.

We have a surprise for you! Tick Tock Boom, the top innovative agency in the field of digital communications and marketing in Turkey, is also the developer of BoomSocial (, one of the most popular platforms for all local and global industry professionals and brands. We are proud to be providing for our industry a platform that continues to offer free services.

As data-driven digital marketing and communications professionals, the other industry-leader platform we own is the social media monitoring and insight platform BoomSonar. Just like BoomSonar, BoomSocial gives us extra capabilities like being completely data-driven, reporting and performing deep analysis of various data as it is measuring and reporting the social media performances of brands.

That is why hundreds of companies that are industry leaders and/or industry leader candidates from Turkey and the world continue to choose us for our valuable perks and 360-degree perspective on the digital world.

Social Media Measurement Tool: BoomSocial

BoomSocial is a social media measurement and analytics platform designed to provide brands with free insights to develop their online content strategies.

BoomSocial follows over 55,000 brand pages and accounts, company webpages and channels on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram and YouTube. Completely free, BoomSocial helps you measure your social media performance and fan growth, analyze your engagement, and develop content strategies.

Used by more than 10,000 marketing and communication professionals from Turkey and over 25,000 from the world, social media measurement tool BoomSocial is free of charge.

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Comprehensive Reports and Analysis

With BoomSocial, you can monitor daily the fan and follower counts of all brand and influencer (opinion leaders) pages on your Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) and YouTube channels, measure their daily, weekly and monthly growth, see all of their posts on one page, monitor the engagement level of their content, analyze engagement types, visualize them, and more!

You can also analyze the pages of your social media accounts, compare the performance of your competitors and industry, and reshape your social media content strategy!

Access Industry Reports

With BoomSocial Premium Reports and Analysis, you can measure, analyze, and report the social media performance of your industry, brands, and competitors. You can create value for your brand with insights from BoomSocial offered exclusively for your brand, which can improve its social media content and marketing strategies. All reports and analyses available in BoomSocial are ready in Microsoft PowerPoint format, allowing you to transfer slides to your own presentations. A significant number of agencies in Turkey use these reports to measure the social media performance of their brands. So, you don’t have to be working with us exclusively to access these reports.

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