Web & Social Media Business Platform: BoomSonar Suite

With real time search engine BoomSonar, you will be the first one to know! BoomSonar scans not only social media channels but also all the websites with written content without skipping a thing.

Using BoomSonar Suite, you can search any given word in a language chosen and this search is close to real time. You can sort and monitor news, comments, videos and images posted on millions of portals, news sites, forums, blogs, complaint sites and social networks about your products and rivals and you can use it with Social CRM, Page Management and Online Reputation Management modules available on Suite version.

Discover the Opportunities!

Real time social media monitoring assures realizing potential customers instantly. Determine your brand ambassadors by reviewing the user details. Manage customer relations through social CRM system. Keep up with the trends; do not miss on your opportunities!

Review your data at once through user friendly, customizable and detailed graphics; process, categorize and label all your data quickly by using detailed filtering options and bulk data processing tools. Access only to the results you are interested in using BoomSonar Smart Algorithm and do not waste time with spams.

If you want to be a part of premium world of BoomSonar Suite, our team will assist you: