We know that you want to get a closer look at Tick Tock Boom. Since 2009, we have been breaking new grounds on several aspects of our operations, especially digital PR, online reputation management, social media and social media monitoring. We are proud to be one of the digital service agencies having the widest range of customer portfolio in Turkey.

We have never sacrificed our principle of “being 100 % reliable”. We were never anxious about listing references. We have proved our unique approach to the sector through our warranty to keep confidential all business secrets of all brands receiving our services. Long term relationships established with our customers based on mutual trust are results of this committed approach.

Our expert team is proud to serve over 350 global and local brands operating in energy, retail, banking and finance, telecommunication, food, automotive, fashion, pharmaceuticals, tourism, insurance, shopping, construction, press and publishing, cinema, cosmetics, e-commerce and such other mainstream sectors and to assist digitalization of communication processes.

We can share our references with you following authorizations granted by our customers. Please contact us to learn about our references and make a good head start!

Phone:+90 212 293 80 00